THE DUNGEON NEAR THE SHADOW is a low-level horror adventure for the tabletop role-playing game of your choice. It's available as embedded HTML on this page or as a printable PDF zine. 

Title generated by Chris Bissette's Random Adventure Title Generator, amazing NPC and monster art by equally-amazing Evlyn Moreau, other art in the public domain retrieved from Old Book Illustrations and Rawpixel, and endless and invaluable inspiration from Noora Rose's PINKHACK and Nate Treme's BARROW OF THE ELF KING.

When it comes our time to change, may we be led caringly into that terrifying unknown, and may we learn to do the same for those who come after.

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Authorjason wardell
Tagsadventurejam, Horror, OSR, pinkhack, Tabletop role-playing game


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Hey, the layout is great! What software/template did you use to lay it out?

Thank you, this is definitely something I should have included in the text itself! I designed the document in R Markdown using the Tuft Handout style, and I made the map in Dungeon Scrawl, all of which are freely available! The R Markdown package bundles everything in a single HTML file, which isn't the most space-efficient method, but it makes it super easy to just upload a single document to itch.